Musical Chairs

Simon Watts

I hoped before the main event at Splore 2019 that people would quickly realize what the chairs meant and would go quickly to conducting each other in a collaborative manner. it was also a concern that any delays or unexpected reasons for chairs not working with some people would cause confusion or ruin the experience. At Splore 2019 people actually did very quickly realize as they sat down the music played and they learned by sitting one at a time what chair made what sound. Out of most groups, a conductor quickly emerged with timing people in and bringing them up and down to make a track of their choosing and letting the creativity flow. There were also a few extreme cases like a couple of children. One was back bridging across two chairs triggering them both while another jumped from chair to chair landing in the perfect place to get them to go. image Overall this project was a huge success and people had the reaction I expected. there were a couple of cases where the chairs didn’t work if people had thick clothing or a raincoat around their waist, however, in these cases, they seemed to just add it to the mystery of the chairs (we did sometimes tell them that it was not working due to their clothing). I am quite amazed they also survived the whole weekend with everything from drunk people to very active children jumping into them. Great construction from everyone. A Huge Thanks to Simon Watts ( for making me a part of this project. This was his idea and an awesome one. Also to the rest of the team.

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