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Why choose us

Epsilum is a dedicated team focused on getting your projects off the ground and beyond. We enjoy unique problems and solving them using the latest technology with simplicity and sustainability in mind.

What we can do for you

We create bespoke solutions for specific and unique needs while keeping everything simple for our clients. Our services are vast to cover what your business needs, from planning to helping you execute those plans.

Who are we

Epsilum started as an on-call research and design team that made highly technological ideas a reality. We give our clients access to technologies that were otherwise out of reach. Anyone from artists to inventors/startups are able to benifit and make their dream project work like magic.

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What Our Clients Say
Photo of Karen Sewell

Karen Sewell

Epsilum Design make my life easier because they can design the bespoke electronics boards and custom design the lighting to my requirements. They are also able to solve production issues, for example one job required the design and 3D printing of a part that I could not get in New Zealand. My installations require specialised electronics and lighting for them to be created and become realised, and to do what I’m wanting them to achieve, Epsilum can do this for me. I don’t know of any other alternative to Epsilum, they take my ideas and make them happen and the results are fantastic. The Epsilum team are innovative, creative and flexible, they are problem solvers with a specialised knowledge base that supports the work that I do.

Photo of Gayle and Jess

Gayle and Jess

After approaching Epsilum with our design ‘Heartfelt’ we were not disappointed with their service. The first physical model that was presented to us was impressive for the period of time since we first approached them, and they were able to then create a functioning prototype that we were able to showcase as part of the 2021 Lexus Design Award competition in Tokyo which we were finalists in. They were very prompt in coming up with a timeline of events due to the competition taking place over 3 months, and were very efficient in implementing these plans, constantly communicating with us in discussing practical solutions to any issues that arise and ensuring we are included in the decision making. They were extremely accomodating and amicable to any changes that were requested of them - as the competition had us constantly developing the design - and are a responsible and reliable team. They are skilled in many different areas such as 3D modelling, production and programming, and are not afraid to go the extra mile for you and ensure that your project is created to a high standard. I would highly recommend them to anyone wishing for a service that takes any design and makes them into reality.

Photo of Puck Murphy

Puck Murphy

I have over 20 years of experience in Visual Effects, Interactive Installations, Film and TV. Epsilum provides me with an extra dimension of possibilities. They allow me to interface with new technologies and mediums easily that were not previously possible. I would recommend Epsilum to anyone wanting very custom electronic solutions. They were able to bring my ideas to life.

Photo of Jon Baxter

Jon Baxter

We are passionate about the creative use of technology to tell stories and transform spaces. Epsilum helps us when off the shelf solutions aren't available.

Epsilum Provides Me With An Extra Dimension Of Possibilities.

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